things to do in rishikesh

Things To Do In Rishikesh

Every Year approx 800 thousand tourist from all over the world visit Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. And the count is increasing every year which is a good signal for the tourism and for the local residents as it increases the sources of there income. Rishikesh has something for every kind of tourist - Famous for Cultural and Spritual history , Capital City of Yoga and Adventure Sports. One cann't miss Rishikesh from its travel dairies.

1. River Rafting in Rishikesh(Charges Starting From 400 Per Person)

Full of fun, adventure and thrill, river rafting in Rishikesh is one of the most preferred adventure water sports by tourist. As Rishikesh is just 5 hour drive for Delhi | Chandigarh | Gurugram | Noida | Faridabad its attracts weekend travelers. There are major 04 Rafting Points from which rafting starts and ending point of all is almost same somewhere near Laxmanjhulla. Raftings Starting Points:

1. Brahmpuri (09KM Stretch ) – Covers Grade-I Level Rapids – Easy Level

2. Shivpuri (16KM Stretch) – Cover Grade I & II Level Rapids – Moderate Level

3. Marine Drive (24KM Stretch) – Covers Grade I, II & III Level Rapids – Difficult Level

4. Kaudiyala Point (36KM Stretch) – Cover Grade I to IV Level Rapids – Very Difficult Level

2. Bungee Jumping | Bungy Jumpin (Charges Starting from Rs.3550/- Per Person)

You have to believe it that India's highest Bungy Jumping point is in Rishikesh. Approx 20KM from Rishikesh Main , there is a Village by the name Mohanchatti on Neelkhanth Road where some of the worldest best Jump master from New Zealand will be conducting your Jump. If you really have guts then must go for Bungy Jump in Rishikesh.

3. Zipline Shivpuri Rishikesh (Charges Starting From Rs.1450/- Per Person)

Want to do sightseeing over river Ganga with a fear in deep heart of falling down from 220 Feet height into the depth which nobody knows and the best part that you ate ties to rope. Zipline is organized by Bajaj Group and to experience this activity you need to reach Shivpuri which is 17KM from Rishikesh Main City. Activity Details as follows:

Age Range: Above 12 Years to Below 60 Years (Medical history will be verified & signed)
Weight Range: Not Less Then 20Kg & Not More than 120 Kgs
Timing: 09:30AM to 4:00 PM
Zipline Span : 2500 Feet
Zipline Height : 220 Feet
Operational Timing : 15 Sept to 30th June.
or More Details you can Call @8860976789 / 08860976789

4. Jungle Safari at Raja ji National Park (Charges Starting From @400/- Per Head)

Over more than 50+ Species of Mammals and 300+ species of Birds are habitant in Raja Ji National Park together with someone of worldest most poisonous Snakes. Raja Ji National Park was named after the famously known Raja ji the first governor general of independent India, Late Shri C Raja Gopala Chari. He was so fond with the beauty of Flora and Fauna when he came here for Hunting , he decided to save it and asked to form a wildlife sanctuary.

While having Jungle Safari at the national park one can see the great Asian Elephants , Bengal Tiger, Leopards, Black Bears , Hyena , Jackels , 03 Different species of Deers ( Sambhar, Spotted Deer and Barking Deers) , Phytons, King Cobra and 300+ different Kinds of Birds.

Basic Details as follows:

  • Range: Chilla / Mothichur / Ranipur
  • Timings: 06:00AM to 09:00AM & 03:00PM to 06:00PM
  • Entry Fees: Rs.150/- Per Person ( Indian ) Rs.600/- Per Person ( Foreigner)
  • Vehicle Fees: Rs.250/- Per Vechile ( Indian) & Rs.500/- Per Vechile ( Foreigner)
5. Flying Fox – 01KM Long ( Charges Starting @Rs.1800/- Per Head )

Flying Fox by Jumpin Heights in Rishikesh is again one the extreme adventure activity that will bring your heart beats out of your chest. You should know that it is Asia's longest Flying fox of approx 01 KM long and height more than 200 Feets. At one particular point of time you will be travelling at a Speed of 140 KMPH and your brain will stop working of fear. But keep one thing in mind your organizer are one of the best in the world and Safety is there first priority.

6. Cliff Jumping & Body Surfing (Charges @00 Per Head )

Rishikesh has now became a paradise for adventure seekers and which is just because of white water rafting in river Ganga. And with the increase in expectation of tourist rafters the providers have added an extra toast to the thrilling experience by invented a Cliff Jump point and added Body Surfing while doing rafting. The Cliff Jump point is near Brahmpuri 05km just before the ending point of Rafting and literally it add a extra fun. While someone of you will be in the middle of Jumping from a Big Rock ( Cliff ) into the river ganga , your colleges will be enjoying Maggie on Raft. MUST ASK & HAVE SOME BREAK.

7. Rock Climbing & Rappelling (Charges @600/- Per Head )

Although Rishikesh is just 1600 Feet from Sea Level , but once you reach Rishikesh you will start seeing Mountains and If you move 05 KM from Rishikesh on Neelkhanth Road there is a place Called Phoolchatti Village. Its is beautifully valley where there is a confluence of Tributary river Huel and Maa Ganga. Just near the confluence there is a spot of approx 80 feet in Height for best Natural Rock Climbing and Rappeling. Don't Try it on your Own unless and until you have trained specialized mountaineers.

8. Trekking | Hiking - Patna Waterfall (Charges @00)

Just 06km a head of Laxmanjhulla on Neelkhanth road there is famous Patna Waterfall approx 02km from main road. It is called Patna Waterfall because a nearby small village by the name Patna. The trek is little bit on difficult side as you have to walk through steep and narrow path through raja ji national park forest. Its takes almost 01.30 hours to reach the waterfall, but once you complete the trek you will feel like you have accomplished something and spent your leisure time in enjoying the waterfall. There is a small Tea and Maggie stall also there where you can refresh yourself.

9. Air Safari In Rishikesh (Charges Starting from Rs.4400/- Per Person)

Have you ever thought of having wings and fly like a bird over the entire city of yours or how your city looks from a Bird's eye. If so, then this is the best activity for you to experience Bird View of Himalayan Mountain, Ganga River and Rishikesh City.

Air Safari in Rishikesh is operated from Doiwala which is approx 17km from Rishikesh on Dehradun –Haridwar Highway.

Best Time : September to June

Air Safari offers 04 different packages based on duration and Area covered

a. Air Safari Kitty Hawk Package - @4400/- Per Person – 15 Minutes Maximum
b. Air Safari Explorer Package - @6999/- Per Person – 20 Minute Maximum
c. Air Safari Valley Expedition @Rs.10999/- Per Head – 30 Minute Maximum
d. Air Safari Rishikesh Expedition @20999/- Per Head – 70 Minute Maximum


(i). Be a Good Listener – There will be expert training session of how to fly a Glider together with Safety Measures, Precautions and rules you need to follow , So at that time be a Good or a Great Listeners.

(ii). Know your Partner : Know more and more about your Glider Functions , ask question from the instructor , clarify all your doubts , be 100% Sure , Practice and Practice as much as possible.

(iii). A Perfect Start : Be more careful and focused while take off because Good and Perfect Start will lead to Great Journey and Experience.

(iv). A Perfect Landing: Bring all your learning and practice while landing and have a safe landing.

10. Riverside Camping Rishikesh (Starting form @1200/- Per Head )

In the midst of nature and on the bank of river Huel, there are almost 04 Different options of Camping in Rishikesh. These Camping Stay options are as as per the accommodations they are offering. Different Camping options are as follows:

a. Eco Tents | Eco Camps – These are the basic budget tents with only beds to stay in the tents but these days due to competition organizer have added electricity and Table fans also for the comfortably of their guest. Toilets will be separate from the camps and common. The Starting Packages for Eco Camps is Rs.1000/- Per person for 01 Night and 02 Days which Includes – Stay, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Evening tea with Snacks , Bonfire and Games likes Volleyball , Cricket, Badminton , Enjoyment in river huel, Waterfall Trekking.

b. Swiss Camp | Luxury Tents – These are upgraded version of Eco Camps with Attached Toilets, Electricity, Fans and Water Coolers. Swiss Camps are bigger in size as compare to eco camps. Experience of Staying in Swiss Camps is much better and also comfortable and secure. The Starting Package for Swiss Camps is Rs.1500/- Per Persons for 01 Night and 02 Days which Includes – Stay, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Evening tea with Snacks , Bonfire and Games likes Volleyball , Cricket, Badminton , Enjoyment in river huel, Waterfall Trekking.

c. Deluxe Cottages | Mud Huts – With the passage of time the providers have upgraded themselves from Temporary Tents Camping style to Permanent Cottages Stay. Having the same experience of Camping the Cottages/Huts are more preferred by Families, Families with Small Kids and Couples. As their primary concern is safety , security , hygienic and cleanness., which is more in Cottages and Huts as compared to Tents. Basic amenities provided in Cottages are Proper Double & Single Beds, Attached Washrooms, Electricity, Power Back Up , Water coolers, Fans and Mobile Charging Sockets. The Starting Package for Swiss Camps is Rs.20000/- Per Persons for 01 Night and 02 Days which Includes – Stay, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Evening tea with Snacks , Bonfire and Games likes Table Tennis, Volleyball , Cricket, Badminton , Enjoyment in river huel, Waterfall Trekking.

d. Luxury AC Cottages | AC Rooms - Now riverside cottages with AC and amenities like LCD, Tea Coffee Maker & Mini Fridge are also into trend these days. Clients who want to experience nature camping with modern amenities and facilities preferred these types of accommodation. Prices are on quite higher side for Luxury Cottages Starting form Rs.3000/- Per Head with the same inclusions as of others but with some quality options in foods and activities.

rishikesh packages call now

rishikesh packages call now