White Water Rafting In Rishikesh

River Rafting in the river Ganga :One of the Best Rafting Tour Operator in Rishikesh; the Rishikesh Packages, is organizing rafting since 2005. Keeping in mind the safety & enjoyment, of rafters we serve people of North India, who are adventure sports lover. In the peak season every day, tens of thousands of tourist come to Rishikesh to enjoy River Rafting. people above 12 years are allowed, with a minimum weight of 30 KG to a maximum weight of 100 Kg, with no previous record of heart-related disease, blood pressure, epilepsy or serious medical condition. There are four major types of Rafting in Rishikesh, with different grade levels.

Though, swimmers & non-swimmers both are allowed to do Rafting, it is strictly recommended to start doing from Grade I and boost your confidence to other Levels.

Question : When will River Rafting starts in Rishikesh 2023 - River Rafting in Rishikesh will start from 15th September 2023.


Brahampuri Rafting – @INR 350/- Per Person : Approx 9Km stretch of rafting in Rishikesh, is the shortest rafting route in Rishikesh. Classified as Grade I river rafting and normally takes 90-120 minutes to complete. Almost everyone can do this relatively easy adventure. Maximum 8 Pax in 01 Raft are allowed. Subject to Covid19 Guideliness by state goverment


Rafting from Shivpuri - @INR 550/- Per Person : Approx 16km to 18km stretch river rafting is the most famous among both swimmer & non-swimmers category. It is Grade IV river rafting and takes normally 150 -180 minutes. Shivpuri is approx 17km from Rishikesh Laxmanjhulla from where the rafting starts ending in either NIM beach, Laxman Jhulla or Near Ram Jhulla as per the convenience of the client or the rafting service provider. Major Rapids Covered in Shivpuri Rafting are Golf Course & Rollercoaster. Maximum 8 Persons in 01 Raft.


River Rafting from Marine Drive – @INR 750/- Per Person :Approx 24km to 26km stretch in Rishikesh, is famous among repeated tourists, who have already enjoyed the shivpuri rafting and want to explore more. Approx 200-260 minutes takes to complete for marine drive stretch. Six Rapids are covered in Marine Drive rafting including the ones in Shivpuri Rafting with the addition of Three Blind mice and Sweet Sixteen Rapid. Maximum 8 persons in 01 Raft.


Kaudiyala Rafting - @INR 2500/- Per Person : Approx 32km to a 36km stretch in Rishikesh is one of the toughest rafting stretches. Recommended for expert with experienced guide and helper, necessary experience in rafting grade III & IV is required. This stretch takes almost entire day and high energy. You have to paddle for 06-07 Hours and have to face amost world's dangerous rapid by the name "THE WALL". This rapid is a nightmare for the guide and rafting organizer. 04 out 05 rafts flip in this rapid and consumes the entire energy in one go. Maximum 8 Pax in 01 Raft.

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